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Art Deco, Beyu, & Rouge Bunny Cosmetics (Germany)

I purchased a magnetic compact by Art Deco from a German Douglas store. It holds a blush color, seven eyeshadow and base pans, plus 2 eyeshadow applicators on the side. You can customize any way you like =)! More companies should come out with magnetic compacts such as this one. The Beauty Box System Mosaic reminds me a little of the palettes by Japonesque. Guerlain Cosmetics, many seasons back, also sold a Mozais Compact which they later sadly discontinued. These compacts are great for travel. I love Art Deco’s eyeshadows, eyeshadow base, and blush powder refills =). I also purchased eyeshadow palettes by Beyu and love them too- lots of glitter within each color pan. I received a compliment from my husband on the day I wore colors from the blue palette. I wish I had bought something from Rouge Bunny but didn’t because I felt guilty of the already over-excess in make-up purchases. Usually when I’m in a foreign country, I like to purchase a well-regarded brand(s) the natives are wearing… When in Germany, Do as the German Gals Do =)…..

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