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Becca Mineral Blushes

Becca’s Songbird and Wild Honey mineral blushes have quickly become two of my collection faves.  Becca’s blushes goes on smooth with great color payoff and lasting power.  I was inspired by You Tube’s CamiLovesKiwi to give Becca Cosmetics a try.  I’m glad this brand is also available at Sephora.  Going to check out their lip products soon ;)!

*Photocredit: Becca Cosmetics



Top 10 Favorite Blushes

My top 10 Blushes in no particular order…

1. NARS Lovejoy

2. NARS Orgasm/Elf Blushed (in duo palette)

3. NARS Oasis

4. NARS Sin

5. MAC Sunbasque

6. MAC Springsheen

7. Elf Berry Merry

8. Guerlain Terracotta 02 Sun Kissed

9. Guerlain Mosaic Bronzer as blush

10. The Balm’s Cabana Boy

*Honorary mention: Vincent Longo Canyon Light Duo

I find that bronzy-peachy tones look best on me.  All the blushes I’ve listed have amazing staying power throughout the day even without any setting spray.  Also, for many of these colors, a little goes a long way.  My skin tone is a MAC Matchmaster 2.0 and I’m guessing I’m also a MAC NC25.  I also love experimenting with reddish and purpley blushes e.g. MAC Hidden Treasure and MAC Breezy as well.  There are so many awesome pink blushes out there, both drug store and higher-end! =)

What are your favorite blushes?  Do tell!

*Photocredit: Various Sources e.g. MAC, NARS, E.L.F.

My London Cosmetic Haul

Before venturing to the United Kingdom, I fantasized about what cosmetic brands I wanted to buy.  Besides learning about a country or culture through its food & drink, I learn via its cosmetics.  The obvious choices were brands that were not readily available in the U.S.  I had narrowed the list down to Sleek, Gosh, Me Me Me, and Barry M.

It was off to London’s shopping district!  First stop, Boots =)  I ended up buying a cute owl necklace and hair scrunchy; surprising not one makeup item.  A few Boots associates were kind enough to point me to the right direction.  It was really SuperDrug that I wanted.  The next morning I happily trotted into Holborn’s SuperDrug and shopped to my heart’s content.  This was what I bought…

*Photocredit: NYCupcake

*Picture to follow soon.

Rouge Bunny Rouge

I’ve been really interested in this cosmetics brand ever since my trip to Italy and Germany.  They have been described as a fusion of whimsical and gothic (reminding me of Urban Decay, Too Faced, and Hard Candy).  I wish I had bought even one thing to try from RBR but at the time, I was trying to go on a makeup collection “diet” and had already added Art Deco shadows (Frankfort, Germany) to my list of must-haves.  Several months ago I glanced their website and was disappointed to find that they still had no stockists in the U.S. =(.  Most recently I heard that Zuneta.com was carrying RBR.  The one big problem is the outrageous international shipping costs.  I’d rather wait to travel overseas to splurge on RBR but for those of you in the U.S. who can’t wait, you may order the nearly complete line of RBR via Zuneta.

*Photocredit: Rouge Bunny Rouge

Benefit Cosmetics

A great cosmetic brand from the days I started really loving makeup. I was crazy about their Spice lipstick and Mint Souffle facial cleanser (my sister loved it too). Both these items have been discontinued to my dismay. My recent visit to their site shocked me a little with a shift in their priorities. I was so sad their color lines for both eyes and lips have been nearly done away with =(. The light at the end of the tunnel for me includes Dandelion, Benetint, and Georgia. These three and more are also carried by Sephora (to my knowledge as of today). Check them out =)

*Photocredit: Benefit Cosmetics

Art Deco, Beyu, & Rouge Bunny Cosmetics (Germany)

I purchased a magnetic compact by Art Deco from a German Douglas store. It holds a blush color, seven eyeshadow and base pans, plus 2 eyeshadow applicators on the side. You can customize any way you like =)! More companies should come out with magnetic compacts such as this one. The Beauty Box System Mosaic reminds me a little of the palettes by Japonesque. Guerlain Cosmetics, many seasons back, also sold a Mozais Compact which they later sadly discontinued. These compacts are great for travel. I love Art Deco’s eyeshadows, eyeshadow base, and blush powder refills =). I also purchased eyeshadow palettes by Beyu and love them too- lots of glitter within each color pan. I received a compliment from my husband on the day I wore colors from the blue palette. I wish I had bought something from Rouge Bunny but didn’t because I felt guilty of the already over-excess in make-up purchases. Usually when I’m in a foreign country, I like to purchase a well-regarded brand(s) the natives are wearing… When in Germany, Do as the German Gals Do =)…..