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Tsunami & Peruvian Connection

Several years ago my husband and I visited an alpaca farm in Cambridge, Vermont. They are darling animals and probably my favorite (although dogs, cats, horses, koala bears, seals, rabbits, and dolphins) are really not that much further behind. We were told that since alpacas are so trusting and vulnerable, they are provided with llamas to guard them. I was warned that a certain special alpaca, named Tsunami, would not be shy at all to approach me. He was strangely friendly and we were practically nose-to-nose. We took a picture together (apologies; I must find it so I can post it). Not my best pic but Tsunami looked great. He was so sweet- they all were. They’re very graceful, gentle, curious creatures. I love them =). Sometimes I fantasize about owning an alpaca farm upon retirement. Tsunami is from–> If you are near Cambridge, Vermont, do go and visit.

Regarding Peruvian Connection; it’s a wonderful company specializing in luxury alpaca wool products. Here are some of my recent faves pictured below.

*Photocredit: Peruvian Connection & Island Alpaca Company on Martha’s Vineyard

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