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Rebecca Minkoff’s & Lanvin’s Cute Crossbodys

I’ve been loving crossbody bags recently for the obvious reasons (hands-free option and when a big heavy bag isn’t preferable).  They are great for date nights (especially theater nights) and when you need to carry only necessities for classes or on errands.  Here are two favorites of mine: Rebecca Minkoff Classics MAC Crossbody Clutch: “Oversized …

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Kate Spade: Just a Few Handbags I’ve Been Loving!

Do you remember the Kate Spade Sam?  The “it” bag of 2000?  It was a classic minimalistic (I mean this in a good way) handbag which was quite cute.  I bought it in black and a deep silvery-grey (eventually we parted ways via eBay).  My qualm about the Sam was that it was too bulky …

Fashion Handbags

Just a Note: Praise to Zappos & Others

One of my biggest peeves regarding buying handbags from a website is that the company doesn’t offer enough product details to help the consumer make an educated decision about their purchase.  Consumers have a right to know what they are putting their money towards and companies benefit by potentially decreasing their number of returns.  I …