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Lush Reviews Spa Retreat Toiletries

Lush Review: Black Cat Bath Cocktail

Luscious purple bath, mildly sweet, mostly soft-scented herbals =)  A great treat for yourself after your Hallow’s Eve candy-giving duties has been fulfilled.  A few years previously we literally had over a hundred trick-or-treaters knocking on our door (13 bags of candy worth). Cobweb Bath Ballistic: Sweet, mild herbal scent. Black sugar Lavender absolute Chamomile …

Lush Reviews Spa Retreat Toiletries

Lush Review: Candy Sweet Orange Bath Cocktail

This one is from last night. An uplifting sweet and floral mix.  A really fun feminine bath.  Who could ask for more? 1 Hot Java Bath Ballistic: I messaged a Lush guru regarding her big order from Lush England.  She claimed the shipping wasn’t too bad but I beg to differ.  This is the last …