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General Recipe for Lush Bath Cocktails

If you want a more lavish bath, ideally you’ll want to choose:

1 bath bomb to create fizz

1 bubble bar to create bubbles

1 bath melt to moisturize and soften skin

1 bar of soap for additional cleansing or exfoliation (obviously depends on the type of bar you choose).  Remember to exfoliate before you put on any type of fake bake so your skin can absorb the product better and more evenly.

1 rubber ducky; just kidding (this is optional)

You may also want to have a face mask on during this time or hair treatment.  I personally like to put face mask on when I’m not in the bath since it tends to flake off as it dries and ends up falling into the bath water.  I’m very particular this way.

I find that body butters are best used during a shower but you can do whatever suits you.

A post-bath massage bar or body lotion and foot cream is a must for me since I have dry skin (which is even more terrible during the winter).

Below is a picture of my second Lush bath cocktail.  I tend to soak in this Lushoiusness until I’m nice and pruney.  If you are wondering where I bought my wonderful adjustable bath caddy, it was ordered from eBay.  I believe that Linens ‘N Things carries the same model too.  If not, Google “adjustable bath caddy” and a bunch of alternatives should appear.  I love Pottery Barn’s but didn’t believe it was suitable for the type of tub I have.

If you love bath cocktails as much as I do, please share your recipes!

Whatever you choose, Happy Bathing!

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