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Lush Review: Absolute Delight Bath Cocktail

A welcome break after fulfilling all my daily obligations.  Every once in a while we need to pamper ourselves- a small reward for getting things done, especially the mundane or challenging stuff of life. 1 Absolute Jasmine Bath Bomb: Sweet and mildly floral. Fast fizz like most other bath ballistics. All the elements mixed to …

beauty products Lush Reviews Spa Retreat Toiletries

Lush Review: Night On The Town Prep Bath Cocktail

In stark comparison with the last bath I took, this bath was very pink, very feminine.  A very mild floral with perfect sweetness; a good balance between two different family of scents.  It reminded me of a taffy candy floral.  If mauvy pink had a scent, this would be it.  I almost used 1/3 of …

beauty products Lush Reviews Toiletries

Lush Review: Space Girl Bath Cocktail

A sweet scented, fun, bright lilac colored bath this time.  To re-create it, use the following… 1 Space Girl Bath Bomb: Fast fizz.  Pretty and mildly sweet florally scent. Grapefruit oil Bergamot oil Almond oil Fizzy candy 1 Creamy Candy Bubble Bar: Smells really candy yummy =) Almond oil Vanilla absolute Candy flowers 1/3 Happy …