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Lush Review: Post-Tax Prep Bath Cocktail

This bath cocktail was a welcome rest for a tired mind!  A beautiful mauvy pink, sweet scented bath.  The flower petals made me feel like I was bathing in a tea infusion =).  Here is what you will need to recreate this bath:

1 Calavera Bath Ballistic: Large bath ballistic which is sweet and citrusy with mild floral accents.

  • Lime oil
  • Neroli oil
  • Marigold petals


1/2 The Comforter Bubble Bar: Sweetart scented.  I absolutely love it.  Really easily crumbled under running water or within a plastic baggy.  Fast melt within water.

  • bergamot oil
  • cassis absolute (fruity blackcurrant fragrance)
  • cypress oil


1/3 Happy Blooming Bath Melt: Sweet scent which does remind me of candy cherries.

  • Passionflower
  • Dried cherries
  • Fresh passion fruit
  • Ylang ylang oil


*Recommended Soap: Rock Star Soap


*Photocredit: Lush Cosmetics


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