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H2Pro 300 Heat Styling

I love my new H2Pro heat styler!  Scored this one recently at a great price on sample sale.  I’ve been using it in conjunction with my Victoria’s Secret Smooth Straight & Silky Styling Mist but there are many other great heat protectants out there e.g. Tresemme Heat Tamer.  Does not cause damage to hair (just have to be careful handling this styler since it can get pretty hot; follow the instructions), my hair remains well-styled and stick straight for hours in any type of weather, can also do a cute flippy hairdo, makes my hair silky soft and shiny.  Obviously with all these great attributes, I’m pretty happy with it =)


H2Pro Beauty Life, not sure if this site is still undergoing construction? but I wanted to include it anyway.

Hair Products Pro Store

Misikko Store

*Photocredit: Misikko, Victoria’s Secret, Amazon

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