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Scarf Treasure: Faliero Sarti

I’m in love!.. again ;)… I saw a gorgeous Faliero Sarti scarf on 11th. Moon’s website because of You Tube’s Chrissstttiiine.  It’s a peachy pink, delicate half cotton half silk with floral border best worn as a shrug scarf in my opinion, though there are many other wonderful ways to fashion a scarf.  I have a soft spot for the Fiorenza since it reminds me of my love for gardening :).

P.S. 11th. Moon’s customer service is impeccable!

*Photocredit: 11th. Moon

New Arrival: Leigh & Luca Scarf

I purchased a gorgeous L&L grey cotton silk silver rose fringe scarf via my Bluefly store credit. So amazingly lovely =)! Their scarves never disappoint! Just call me scarf girl; I’m nuts over scarves. Leigh & Luca scarves are some of the best I own because they are really versatile (generous dimensions). The many ways they can be worn or used:
The Boho
The Jedi
The Whiplash
The Loop
The Jesse James
The Josh
As a cover
As a wrap
As a beach blanket
As a sarong
etc (Just visit their website for the cute illustrations)
Lovveee it <3! *Photocredit: Bluefly [gallery]

Looking for a New Chic Scarf?

Look no further; Leigh & Luca‘s Bird Toile, Flowers & Trees, Doves, and many other lovely patterns are sure to inspire and delight! I recently purchased a Flower & Tree in grey; really excited to wear it (with its vibrant contrast flock prints against neutral grey). Will definitely liven up most any outerwear one may pair it with. Have a look; visit their site!

*Photocredit: Leigh & Luca


La Fiorentina

My mind is still swirling over the sumptuous beautiful La Fiorentina furs offered at yesterday’s Gilt sample sale. If I had to pick two from the pile, it would definitely be, the mink slip-through muffler in blue and the mink fluted wrap in black. To be fair it was a tough choice, leaving one almost paralyzed in thought while the timer counts down; so many lovely furs and you couldn’t go wrong either way! La Fiorentina doesn’t seem to have their own website. I tried googling- just about everything, but if you know of it, please leave a comment.

*Photocredit: Gilt