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Scarf Treasure: Faliero Sarti

I’m in love!.. again ;)… I saw a gorgeous Faliero Sarti scarf on 11th. Moon’s website because of You Tube’s Chrissstttiiine.  It’s a peachy pink, delicate half cotton half silk with floral border best worn as a shrug scarf in my opinion, though there are many other wonderful ways to fashion a scarf.  I have a soft spot for the Fiorenza since it reminds me of my love for gardening :).

P.S. 11th. Moon’s customer service is impeccable!

*Photocredit: 11th. Moon

Shana London Clutches

Just saw these lovelies today at Gilt. Though I’m not at all familiar with this brand, I love what I see already. I’ll have to look them up for you… These are fairly big clutches. Would love to own one. Shopping-wise I’m going through a clutch phase now, but I have a feeling that I will always be favoring one over a bulky satchel on date nights with DH. I like the pink with crystals, black with crystals, and fuchsia & rose gold pythons the best.

Wow, just found their website, and found these beauties that trump all others (beginning with the green gold Birthday mesh clutch). TDF! Unfortunately, the non-sale price for these are insane! Some are over $2000 USD.

*Photocredit: Gilt & Shana London

Johnny Was

I found this brand in The Lounge at Soho, New York a few years back- the clothes are amazing there! Be prepared for a little of sticker-shock tough =(. Love their clothing anyway!

The Lounge
593 Broadway, near Houston St.
New York, NY 10012
(212) 966-9466

JW makes gorgeous embroidery. I really love love embroidery. I was probably heavily influenced by my mom; she used to embroider a lot as a teen and had the talent for it. Below are my fave recent picks by Johnny Was. Allison Sudol (lead singer & songwriter of A Fine Frenzy) was spotted modeling the silk panel skirt for Neiman Marcus’ Fall Catalog. The dress was so pretty on her. I posted the catalog picture below. As an aside, I love their music, especially “Lifesize!” =) Okay… night, night *yawn*

*Photocredit: Neiman Marcus