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My Favorite Gardening Supplies…

I’m sorry I meant to post about my favorite gardening supplies (not all are necessities, some are frivolities) a lot sooner than this.  Well here we go…

  • Sphagnum moss cone-shaped hanging planters
  • Lined metal scrollwork window boxes
  • Trowel
  • Spade
  • Weeding fork & dandelion weeder
  • Bulb planter
  • Mister
  • Gardening shears/clippers
  • Flower/Rose cutters
  • MiracleGro
  • Plantone (fertilizer for all other plants other than evergreens)
  • Hollytone (fertilizer for evergreens)
  • Organic lime (I use this for my hydrangea)
  • Miracid (food for acid-loving plants)
  • Potting soil appropriate for the type of plant you are caring for
  • Mud Gloves
  • Suede leather gloves, preferably long gloves to handle thorny plants and to protect your forearms
  • Jute
  • Pretty porcelain pots of assorted sizes with matching drip trays
  • Plastic drip trays/dishes of assorted sizes
  • Collapsible leaf bins for e.g. Fall cleanup
  • Gardener’s tote by Smith & Hawken
  • Gardening supportive knee pad
  • Soil sifter
  • Scissors
  • White oil for gardening tool maintenance
  • Gardener’s Pamper Kits by Crabtree & Evelyn (cleansers, lotions, and other lovely things)
  • Inspiration:
  1. Words from the Garden: A Collection of Beautiful Poetry, Prose, and Quotations by Isobel Carlson
  2. Trugs, Dibbers, Trowels and Twine: and Everything Good about Gardening with Little Tips and Words of Wisdom and Inspiration on the Simplest of Pleasures by Isobel Carlson


What are your favorites?…..


P.S. Besides your local nurseries & garden centers, Home Depot, Target, and Terrain are also other great places to shop for gardening supplies.


*Photocredit: Various Sources: Amazon.com, Crabtree & Evelyn, Smith & Hawken


Springtime Herbs & Blooms

This year I just couldn’t wait to rush down to our local nursery to buy herbs for my window boxes. It was still quite chilly and windy that day but a few days later, true Spring weather began, to my relief. Herbs are so thirsty for water; they practically should be watered daily and of course they enjoy as much sun as they can soak in! I bought a variety of mints (planned for teas), chives, lavender, parsley, etc.  Someone recommended to grow cilantro and arugula from seeds.  They are gradually growing but really behind the curve so I’m a little anxious and hope they will turn out okay.  Of course I’d rather see them flourish.  I’m always so happy at the sight of the first little blooms after winter.  My crocuses and hyacinths are always the first ones to return.  There’s nothing quite like looking out the window and spotting an exciting new bloom.  This year was especially a treat because my lilac plant of five years finally had its very first flower.  I’m still waiting for the peonies to bloom.  They will eventually…  Patience.  I know they will.

*Photocredit: NYCupcake