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Dream Closet

I actually overlooked posting about my dream closet.  These are similar to Rachel Ashwell’s French armoire.  If you are lucky enough to have high bedroom ceilings, love French or shabby chic furniture, and are able to splurge on luxury I’d definitely say run out and get this!  I’ve been told by antique dealers that these …

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Shabby Chic Beautiful

I love Rachel Ashwell’s bedroom decor. She has the most AMAZING french-style closet in her bedroom too (buy her book so you can see for yourself; it’s Marie Antoinette worthy)! Rachel has great instincts for interior design. Her home is so charming down to the smallest of details. I hope someday my home could be …

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Posh Living

If only I had a billion dollars… but sometimes simple is nice too. Could you imagine the necessary maintenance of these places? I think Mariah Carey has more shoes than Imelda Marcos ever did. *Photocredit: Various Sources