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Dream Closet

I actually overlooked posting about my dream closet.  These are similar to Rachel Ashwell’s French armoire.  If you are lucky enough to have high bedroom ceilings, love French or shabby chic furniture, and are able to splurge on luxury I’d definitely say run out and get this!  I’ve been told by antique dealers that these armoires are hard-to-find and can cost $3500+ but don’t let that hinder you =)  The first picture (armoire with exterior mirrors) is my favorite; a two-in-one.  The last closet pictured with wood frame and see-through glass details I’d imagine to look beautiful filled with neatly folded pastel linens and things.

*Photocredit: Various Resources

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  1. Helen says:

    I like armoires. Can you give me an idea of prices of pictures shown? Do you have showroom I can visit to see closeup?

  2. Hi Helen:

    I’m actually just an admirer of lovely armoires, like yourself. I unfortunately don’t own a showroom. I would suggest you conduct Google searches for approximate prices or chat with an antiques dealer or armoire artisan. Hope you find your dream armoire!


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