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A Vanity Essential

I really love CVS’s dual storage system for cotton balls and cotton buds (~5 in. diameter x ~5 in. tall, weighs ~1 lb.)!  Keeps all your vanity essentials dust-free and also saves some desk space (which is an issue for me).  I don’t tend to use cotton pads or makeup sponges but they will also fit easily into this container.  It’s a great compliment to acrylic vanity storage systems.  I usually keep mine atop my MAC palette storage system, which is a small acrylic CD rack.  While I’m on the topic, here are other vanity essentials:

  • brush cleaner
  • brush guards
  • hand sanitizer
  • box of tissues
  • mixing medium e.g. Paula Dorf’s Transformer, Visine, and the like.
  • wet wipes
  • disposable eyeshadow applicators
  • disposable mascara wands
  • spatulas
  • nail polish remover
  • makeup remover
  • tweezer
  • eyelash curler
  • nail clipper
  • rubbing alcohol
  • rag to clean brushes
  • pencil sharpeners regular & large

I must have left something off this list?  Please comment below about your fave vanity essentials.  I would love to know!

*Photocredit: Amazon

Cosmetic/Vanity Storage Solutions

There are two new sources I’d like to share on this topic.  Yes, some more wonderful ideas I’ve collected from You Tube.  Storables and Sally Beauty.   I personally own the large acrylic organizer and love it (purchased it from The Container Store).  The acrylic is super thick and sturdy.  It will look great on any vanity table.  Though these two products may reflect very different sizes of makeup collections, I wanted to post them together anyway.  I almost forgot to mention another great idea for storing MAC palettes; try an acrylic DVD holder (measures 10 1/2″ x 4 7/8″ x 8 1/2″)- it’s not a bad solution and will match any other acrylic organizers you may have.  Hopefully your vanity area is more spacious than mine.

P.S. Another place to check: Muji: Storage

*Photocredit: Storables, Sally Beauty, & Amazon