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Lush Review: The Ex-Factor Bath Cocktail

A perfect bath to chase away any blues (post-breakup or otherwise).  This bath cocktail has a citrus-lime fragrance punctuated by a muskiness/woodsiness.  It’s quite masculine; I didn’t mind though (kind of like sleeping in a boyfriend’s t-shirt).  Reminds me slightly of Aquolina’s Blue Sugar (would be great to use post-bath for guys).  Once I bought …

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Lush Review: Pemberley Bath Cocktail & Gavernie Soap

I named this bath cocktail after Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Pemberley Estate in Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.  Just saw the 1995 t.v. series very recently starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehrle and loved it!  If you are a fan of lavender products, this bath is perfect for you.  I suggest this turquoisey blue bath cocktail as …