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Blast from My Past: Love’s by Dana Fragrances

Remember Love’s fragrances and Jean Nate (still made) bath products?  I definitely do.  They were typically offered as game prizes e.g. spelling bees and the like at my elementary and junior high school.  I thought it was the coolest thing back then and have very fond memories of that time overall. I walked into a …

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Crazylibellule & The Poppies Solid Perfumes

Crazylibellule’s Vanilla Lemon Pie and Macarons are my favorite solid perfumes.  Never have I been so impressed by a solid perfume formula!  Glides smoothly onto skin and leaves an enduring scent that’s so delicious!  These solid perfumes are 0.17 oz./5g and perfectly clutch-sized (resembling tubes of lipstick).  I believe Beautyhabit and Amazon still stock this …


Luxury Scents I’ve Been Dying to Try…..

This all started with Comptoir sud Pacifique’s Vanille Abricot and Katie Puckrick’s scentsational review of it.  As soon as she mentioned “sweet-smelling”, “bakery”, and “cake,” I knew I had to sample it!  Below are other great fragrances; that is, if you love Vanille Abricot, you will love these too… *Photocredit: Hautelook & Comptoir sud Pacifique

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Hillhouse Naturals

I always find wonderful little treasures at the New York Botanical Garden’s book/gift store.   This time I picked up a Hillhouse Naturals Bloom sachet for my closet.   It’s an enduring floral fragrance.  Love it!  It’s the best sachet I’ve ever purchased.  Please visit their website.  They carry a wide selection of home fragrance products such …