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Blast from My Past: Love’s by Dana Fragrances

Remember Love’s fragrances and Jean Nate (still made) bath products?  I definitely do.  They were typically offered as game prizes e.g. spelling bees and the like at my elementary and junior high school.  I thought it was the coolest thing back then and have very fond memories of that time overall.

I walked into a local CVS recently and though I typically walk past the perfume and deodorant spray aisle, I stopped and looked this time.  I’m not much of a powder scent lover (which the original Love’s scent sort of is), but placed next to it was a bottle of Love’s Rain Forest.  I gave it a quick sniff and was pleasantly surprised.  I found a cute little gift trio of Love’s body mists on the shelf below and purchased without hesitation.  I admit this was largely an emotional-type purchase spurred on by a pleasant scent memory, but whatever… The set was an affordable treat.

I loved the trio so much that I perused through the Dana Fragrances site to see more of the Love’s evolution because by then I was intrigued.  I purchased a couple more of the Love’s body mists (not readily found in any of my local drugstores).

To my dismay, I didn’t have a problem-free experience with them.  One of the bottles arrived with leakage (almost 1/4 of the product was lost); however, that wasn’t the worst of it.  It took several unreturned voicemail messages (there was no vacation message recorded if you’re wondering) and a nice lady from a different department (who took pity on me) before I finally received some instruction on returning the item for an exchange.  A few days after I sent the defective bottle, I finally received a voicemail from someone working in the Love’s division (I suspect it might have been possibly a manager) who informed me a new bottle was sent as soon as she received my voicemails.  Although I greatly appreciated her call and what she did for me, even the following conversation didn’t go that smoothly and it left me with a poor opinion of Love’s “customer service” attitude (namely that it takes them a week+ to return calls, they were not 100% apologetic and rather place blame on the customer for wrong information given by their own staff (who should be clear on their company’s policies e.g. they do not return ANY shipping costs (either way) even if their product arrived with a defect. I was disappointed to hear that because the shipping cost to return the product was quite a bit more expensive than the monetary worth of the product and I was also misinformed by the previous rep that my shipping cost would be returned to me.

I have mixed opinions because of my ordeal (namely the lack of professionalism I experienced), but I do love the body mists and don’t want this to taint any happy memories I still have of my childhood. Hopefully, you will have a better experience than I did.  I want to close this post on a good note and tell you that Love’s Fresh Lemon is my favorite and I find it particularly endearing that their bottles look just like they did in the 1980s.

*Photos to follow soon*


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