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Alterna’s Ten Duo

I ordered the shampoo and conditioner duo via sample sale recently since I’ve been trying to get my hands on them for the longest time.  Nice packaging but sad to say, this is not going to be much of a positive review:

Alterna’s 10 Science of Ten Shampoo: Good consistency.  So-so scent compared to other shampoos I’ve tried, whether they be luxury or not.  Made my hair soft during the lather but made my hair feel slightly stripped and plasticy during the rinse.  I accidentally got some shampoo in my right eye and I felt a terrible burning.  I’m pretty sure I hollered aloud.  Totally not for me!  I’m actually in shock there aren’t more negative reviews out there.  I have seen a few similar complaints to my own.

Alterna’s 10 Science of Ten Conditioner: Okay conditioner.  Didn’t like the smell; very alcohol =(!  Not sure if it’s the shampoo or the conditioner (though I suspect the conditioner) but my roots feel tingly like I just used a minty scalp treatment.  Overall, hair loss after combing so far has been similar to that of using Alterna’s White Truffle duo (a few strands which one should not fret over; it seems like part of a natural hair cycle).  I did use Kenra’s hair gloss post-rinse so I’m not sure if my soft hair after drying is due to this?  I should have held off on using the hair gloss to know for certain; sorry about this.

Expensive (even at sample sale prices) and with undesirable characteristics even worse than the most under-whelming of drug store brands.  I can’t even pass this duo to anyone else because of the eye irritation and the way the conditioner smells so I’m stuck with it =(.  I’m beyond disappointed.  Wanted to give Alterna another great review but can’t do this on a clear conscience.  I’m sticking to either my Alterna White Truffle products (hope they haven’t discontinued this wonderful collection) or my Orofluido hair products when I’ve earned a treat.

Alterna Ten Ingredients as per Alterna:

  1. Enzymetherapy
  2. Caviar Age-Control Complex
  3. French Champagne Quality Grape Seed Oil
  4. VOSS Artesian Water
  5. Photozyme Complex with Color Hold
  6. Bulgarian Evening Primrose
  7. African Cacao Extract
  8. Italian White Truffle
  9. Moroccan Quail Bark
  10. Hyaluronic Acid
  11. Amica Flower

*Photocredit: D Magazine


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