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Hair Barettes & Clips Addicted, I’m Afraid ;)

I usually wear my hair long (keeps my neck warmer during the wintry months) although I’ve been known to get the occasional pixy cut for summer.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a fascination with hair barrettes and clips; always on a hunt for the pretty but sturdy few. Claire’s, Icing, and similar shops also stock cute clips; however, I find them much less sturdy.  Goody and Evita Peroni are great brands too!

I had vacationed in Germany a few years ago and found some mini ones at Douglas Cosmetics which I liked immensely.  Not sure if they had larger sized clips?  I suspect they may have and regret not buying more.  I did buy one for my mom and she seemed to like her new clip.  One day I saw some amazing claw and spider clips of various sizes by Creative Professional featured on Hautelook and purchased a few.  I love sample sales! =)  Because I love my clips so much, I wanted to blog and let you know how you can purchase them from CP…..

*Photocredit: Creative Professional


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