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Looking for Sample Sizes of Must-Have Fragrances?

I am very scent fickle so sample sizes and minis work best for me. Plus, I like small bottles that could easily fit into my purse. I do have atomizers, but filling them can be very tricky without a mini funnel. I don’t usually commit to any one fragrance, though I do have some I like and wear more than others. I would never want full-sized bottles to be going to waste.

Some of my current favorites:

The Fragrance by Body by Victoria Secret

Red by Hugo Boss: A beautiful fragrance I bought during my Italian honeymoon =)

L’Instant de Guerlain: I’m very sad that the pump mechanism broke, causing me to not be able to cap it correctly. I’ve lost a lot of it to evaporation =(. Almost time for a new bottle.

Coco Chanel: For the longest time I thought Chanel scents were meant for older women. One day a younger business woman who had it on passed by and I thought it was lovely on her. I changed my mind after that but even a little spritz of it can be pretty strong.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

Hanae Mori: A lovely, gentle scent I wore on my special day as I walked up the aisle =)

Orchidee by Yves Rocher: I will never forgive them for discontinuing it =(

Michael by Michael Kors

Fancy by Jessica Simpson: Reminds me somewhat of Flowerbomb and maybe that’s why I like it?

Anyway, sorry for the detour… Yes, the real reason for my post… I was one day looking for sample sizes of Solange’s perfumes and also Juliette Has A Gun by Citizen Queen. I found an online shop called Lucky Scent/Scent Bar. I wish I could visit the store but it’s on the west coast. I hope my order arrives soon.

*Photocredit: Scent Bar

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