Remembering Gene Moore

I thought it fitting to follow-up the post on Bergdorf Goodman’s holiday windows with a post dedicated solely to one of the greatest window dressers of all time…

Gene Moore (1910 – November 23, 1998) was a leading window dresser of the 20th century. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, he moved to New York City in the 1930s. He worked for Bonwit Teller for sixteen years, then in 1955 joined Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue. He remained with the store for the remainder of his career. He retired at 84, as vice-president for window-display. Working at Tiffany’s, Moore designed approximately 5,000 windows, many of which featured his collection of stuffed hummingbirds. He was also noted for using concepts or actual works of modern art in his windows, including those of Jasper Johns, Alexander Ney and Andy Warhol.”

Perfectly put–> “But in the good old days, when Gene Moore did Tiffany’s windows, your socks would be knocked off clear across the street! He could fill a window with popcorn, pasta, ice cream cones AND NO DIAMONDS! and your jaw would drop to the ground in wonderment.” ~Paris Breakfast

*New York Times Special Article:

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