I’m so mad at @#%! I experienced a few problems while using their site to order a pair of shoes. It was so weird e.g. both their search bar and shopping cart weren’t working right. To make a long story short, I’m stuck with a pair of Pedro Garcia Noa Pumps- a pending order in which the sizes couldn’t be switched and supposedly too far along in the process that the order couldn’t even be canceled, even though nothing left the warehouse yet… I just love that =(…. I eventually had to do a second order. I’d rather try to sell these shoes than lose two-way shipping money. I’ve never encountered a store with policies like this one; usually stores can do a quick switch as long as the item’s not on the road! I’m quite disgusted!..

I guess I don’t want to associate these pretty pumps with this bad experience so I’ll just focus on how utterly cute they are =)!

I’m pretty vigil to fashion, but I’ve never seen Pedro Garcias until last night (while I was browsing online). The designers are really gifted! I think the Pedro Garcia Astral Satin Karise Peep Toe Pumps in Purple could help dress up a nice pair of denim; I’m thinking a pair of darkwash Rock & Republics =).

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