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Converse Sneakers

I’ve never been a big fan of Converse sneakers because I have the image of people wearing Chucks with tapered jeans in my mind (which only works well if you aren’t too scrawny and don’t mind that it might accentuate your petiteness).  This Sunday I received a sales alert on Juicy Couture…  Featured were a pair of really cute red plaid Converse-like shoes, which inspired me to visit the Converse website.  There is an option to “Start An Original” with 13 customizations so, being a Gemini, I naturally think that’s pretty cool.  My husband is a fan of the original Chucks so he might cringe at the site of my custom design decked out in company colors but I really like it.  Grungy couture at its best…

*Photocredit: Converse

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