My Little Pony Special Projects Toys

My Little Pony: 3rd. Generation (1984 to 1985), Unicorns & Pegasi


  • Skyflier
  • Sparkler
  • Powder
  • Gusty


  • unicorn
  • body: peach
  • hair: red w/white streak
  • eyes: purple
  • symbol: a group of glittery purple kites w/ (painted) blue tail

*Photocredit: Flickr lauramsanger


  • unicorn
  • body: blue
  • hair: curly purple w/red streak
  • eyes: purple eyes
  • symbol: a group of and glittery blue diamonds arranged to form a large diamond (with one left over)

*Photocredit: Flickr lauramsanger


  • unicorn
  • body: purple
  • hair: white w/red streak
  • eyes: lavender eyes
  • symbol: a group of glittery silver snowflakes

*Photocredit: Flickr lazysundae


  • unicorn
  • body: white
  • hair: deep green w/red streak
  • eyes: sea green eyes
  • symbol: a group of glittery magenta leaves

*Photocredit: Flickr lauramsanger


  • Heart Throb
  • Surprise

Heart Throb:

  • pegasus
  • body: pinkish-purple
  • hair: curly dark pink
  • eyes: blue eyes
  • symbol: a group of pink hearts w/glittery silver wings
  • *A known, slightly different version of Heart Throb was made in Italy, with notable changes to her hair and symbol.

*Photocredit: Sugarminty of My Little Pony Arena


  • pegasus
  • body: white
  • hair: curly chartreuse
  • eyes: light purple
  • symbol: a group of glittery purple balloons w/ (painted) pink strings

*Photocredit: Ponyland Press


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