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Dedicated to My Beloved “The Goodie Jar”

Three recommends located in Manhattan & Westchester, New York:

Economy Candy: Stocks old-time favorites (oldies but goodies)…

I was so happy to find this shop!  I can’t even recall how I did; perhaps a colleague found out about my love of sweets and mentioned that I should pay this shop a visit =)  I ended up buying bags of Mary Janes and Bit O’ Honeys to share and a giant PEZ fireman dispenser to surprise a good friend.  These are atypical kid favorites but so very good!  My faves during my childhood were: Razzles, Chiclets, Fun Dip, Nerds, Wax Bottles, Now & Laters, Starbursts, Candy Buttons, Jolly Ranchers, and Sweetarts to name a few.

Mt. Kisco Main Street Candy: Stocks old-time favorites and baseball cards.  I have to figure out the exact name and address for you.  I went there yesterday and didn’t take my receipt.  What I picked up: jumbo and super-jumbo sized Smarties to surprise DH, lemon head, SweeTarts, Starbursts, Razzles, Mary Janes, Laffy Taffy, and Now & Laters.  I was really bad, I know =(

The Chocolate Chalet: I love chocolate truffles above all others.  The more decadent e.g. chocolate-chocolate combos, the better!  Our last visit was in February of this year and I believe their truffles to be phenomenal tasting and a feast for the eyes!

*Photos to be posted soon.

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