Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft

I became interested in this game in Fall 2019 after watching my husband’s friend’s Twitch stream aka Nitelink.  You should go check out his channel and follow.  Although I have been gaming since age 9, this is the first MMORPG or massively multiplayer online role-playing game I’ve ever played so the learning curve was a little steep for me.  I started with a free trial to Retail Level 20 playing solo and have since subscribed playing co-op with my husband.  We try to fit in at least a few hours of gameplay per week to make the subscription worth it.  I play a Balanced Druid/Night Elf and he plays a Beast Master Dwarf.  Currently we are battling some baddies around the Westfall area and hope to garner some support to take down the bosses of The Deadmines.   I can’t wait until Level 60 so that my mount can finally fly although riding on the Hippogryphs has been a lot of fun.   I’ve been missing my elven home as of late but adventures await across WoW’s globe.  Special announcement to follow within the next couple of months or sooner, I hope.

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Pappadopolis84: <– He plays Elite Dangerous (a favorite XBoxOne game of my husband) among many others.  While I don’t currently play ED, I love this streamer’s chill late night stream.


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