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Holiday Dress-Up

This year I have two extra events to attend than I normally do so I’ve been trying to plan ahead in terms of outfits I’d like to wear.  Two family Christmas parties, a brunch meetup, and a business dinner.  Another issue is that New York is awfully cold this time of year.  My inspiration began …

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Lucky Day!

Last night before going to sleep, I took a quick glance at the Anthro online sales section and was disappointed to see the Zois Bellflower (grey) bag still at full price. I had been keeping an eye on that bag for what seems like months. By early afternoon the next day, I noticed some new …


Anthropologie Updates A

I haven’t updated my top picks in a while, so here they are… I’ve been trying to include style numbers just in case any of you need to make a call & send request to the stores. The style numbers are part of the pic names. You should be able to click once on the …


OMG It’s Finally Here!

I’ve been searching for this Elevenses coat since I believe 2001. I remember trying this coat on in the fitting room at the Anthro Soho store. It was a sales rack item too (love sales). The coat reminded me of my mom’s when she and my dad were just dating so there’s a little sentimental …


Happy New Year

It has been a beautiful 2008 holiday season. Wow, another year has gone by! Hopefully 2009 will be even better. Wishing everyone happy, magical times… As an aside, these are my top picks of current Anthro items… *Photocredit: Anthropologie