OMG It’s Finally Here!

I’ve been searching for this Elevenses coat since I believe 2001. I remember trying this coat on in the fitting room at the Anthro Soho store. It was a sales rack item too (love sales). The coat reminded me of my mom’s when she and my dad were just dating so there’s a little sentimental value in my mind. I really loved the way it looked on me (which doesn’t always happen). It was a perfect fit. I don’t know why I walked away from it =(? When I decided to go back for it; it was gone =(… I didn’t even think to ask Anthro to conduct a store search or request for me. I’ve been kicking myself in the rear end for so many years now and spent a lot of effort searching for it. Now, FINALLY, it just arrived today!!! YEAH!!! Thanks Liz!

I will post up pics of me wearing my miracle find as soon as I can. 8 years of on and off search- this is truly momentous!

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