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In Search of Pretty Paper Products…

I’m always on the hunt for pretty stationery, though I really should write more notes to adequately justify my shopping habits.  I’ve accumulated a ton of stationery over the years, which includes being gifted boxes of them during Christmas stocking stuffer exchange (which reminds me, I owe someone a letter and I’m ashamed to say I’ve been letting it slide for weeks now).  I adore the cutesy ones.  If you’d like to stock up, here are some of my favorites mentioned below.  I love Galison’s gorgeous file folders; a great alternative to the usual manila ones if you want to dress up your filing system (makes even more sense if you have tabletop file holders).

*Oopsy, apparently I had written on this topic quite some time ago and overlooked this.  Please also view File in Style.

*Photocredit: MeriMeri & Galison


File in Style

Oh Joy!‘s file folder in Woodcut Floral just re-ignited my penchant for pretty office supplies.  Not all office supplies are blah. Another of my favorites is by Galison.  The site of these lovely things brighten my day no matter the mundane tasks ahead.

*Photocredit: Oh Joy! & Galison/Mudpuppy

Sweet Bella

Stationery and accessories that are sure to make a gift recipient very happy. Love the crackle metallic finish. The metallic purple zip pouch was already sold out by the time I saw it (no surprise) :(. Recently I’ve adored bird images and patterns; could be a result of a life evolution over these past few years? I used to keep a journal but was never dedicated enough to write on a daily basis (not that it’s a must to write daily). I believe it’s a good idea for me to write daily to remain disciplined. Do you keep a journal? What do you include in yours e.g. poems, quotes, etc.? I started to keep a small journal (gift from my brother-in-law off my 2009 Christmas wishlist) of design ideas. I’d love to keep a separate journal filled with favorite quotes, brainstorms for my peotry, and nonsensical doodles.

*Photocredit: Ideeli