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I’m currently using a vertical layout Classic Happy Planner (since end of December 2020).  Normally I’d prefer something much more portable but due to the pandemic and having an 18 months 2020-2021 planner already handy at home, I decided against buying a new one.  I had contemplated my next to be either a Classic or Mini HP in a dashboard layout but also considered a Skinny Classic HP in horizontal layout.  Since it’s June, I typically experience pangs of the elusive planner peace 😁

One day I encountered a Moterm agenda while browsing through Instagram.  I had never heard of this brand before.  What caught my attention was its pretty warm neutral color and much online acclaim.  None of my planner friends had ever heard of it either.  My next course of action was naturally to get better acquainted so I ordered a Pebble Pink Personal Size Rings from Amazon.  I’m no stranger to the personal size, after all, that was the first I ever used, in 1999, and it happened to be a black nylon by Kate Spade ♠️ when her brand initially became popular and way before she re-entered the fashion world with Frances Valentine.  As I discovered later, there’s two personal size ring Moterms- one version with a wallet and one without.  Mine is without but because it’s so generously pocketed, it can easily be used as a wallet as is.  The pebbled cowhide leather is soft making it a floppier type cover.  I’m only so-so when it comes to the thin feel of the dark tan fabric lining but keep in mind that a heavier fabric could add to the price.  Overall it’s reasonably priced at $59.99 even though they’ve recently had to increase their prices across the board due to sourcing and transport issues caused by the pandemic.  If you love a floppy leather rings personal, then you may love a Moterm.  Btw, their main shop site is on AliExpress, found here: Moterm Shop on AliExpress 

*Photo Credit: NYCupcake

Moterm Pebble Pink w/o Wallet

Moterm Pebble Pink w/ Wallet

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