Sweet Bella

Stationery and accessories that are sure to make a gift recipient very happy. Love the crackle metallic finish. The metallic purple zip pouch was already sold out by the time I saw it (no surprise) :(. Recently I’ve adored bird images and patterns; could be a result of a life evolution over these past few years? I used to keep a journal but was never dedicated enough to write on a daily basis (not that it’s a must to write daily). I believe it’s a good idea for me to write daily to remain disciplined. Do you keep a journal? What do you include in yours e.g. poems, quotes, etc.? I started to keep a small journal (gift from my brother-in-law off my 2009 Christmas wishlist) of design ideas. I’d love to keep a separate journal filled with favorite quotes, brainstorms for my peotry, and nonsensical doodles.

*Photocredit: Ideeli

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