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Choose to Reuse!: Earthwise Bags

Several months ago I purchased a few reusable mesh produce sacks with drawstring cords from my local supermarket.  They are made by Earthwise Bags.  I am pleased to find that these bags have been doing a great job keeping my produce neatly separated in each of my fridge drawers.  When I first began keeping house, I didn’t quite understand that the plastic produce bags encouraged rot by trapping in moisture despite the unsealed tops.  They have been handy in temporarily storing onions, any fragile type of vegetables like broccoli florets, cilantro, cauliflower florets and keeping them all neatly contained.  I also love to organize groups of the same fruit in these bags.  On the packaging, it suggests that you can wash your produce prettily easily in them, although I haven’t tried this.  I normally rinse out the mesh bags under running water and leave them on the dish rack to dry, though the packaging states they are also machine washable.  I wonder if one can use them to spin water out of rinsed salad greens?  They are very handy to have and I’m glad I gave them a chance.

*Photo Credit: Earthwise Bags

Storage Recommendation: The Container Store Like-It® Translucent Stacking Drawers

Been loving The Container Store’s Like-It® Translucent Stacking Drawers!  Some models come in translucent white or translucent smoke to compliment your decor.  I’m impressed how sturdy they are as well as how much they can hold.  I’ve been storing toiletries e.g. bar soap, body butters, and massage bars in mine.  They are also ideal for storing cosmetics (including nail polish upright; see picture #3) and hair care products.

*Photocredit: The Container Store

InterDesign Three Drawer Organizers

I just bought two more InterDesign 3 Drawer Organizers to hold and separate my hair barettes and other small items including bath related or haircare related samples and lip glosses.  I initially started organizing with these InterDesign drawers about a year ago.  They hold what I need, are affordable at ~$11.99 each, attractive in design, and easy to clean.  I tend to keep items fairly light weight in them so I cannot attest to heavier items.  They don’t seem as sturdy as organizers made of thick acrylic so I wouldn’t overload them.  I believe they are made of Resipreme plastic.   They measure ~6-1/2″ sq. x 6-1/2″ h with chrome-plated drawer pulls.  I’ve seen someone on You Tube use these drawers as her main cosmetic organizers.  I usually order them online from The Container Store; they may have some on display at your local Container Store if you would like to check them out before purchasing.  I really do like these organizers a lot and highly recommend them.

*Photocredit: The Container Store

Pier 1 Hayworth Vanity Pieces

Every once in a while, Pier 1 can pleasantly surprise me.  I adore these furniture pieces which are part of their Hayworth Collection.  They look more expensive than they really are and can spruce up a plain room in a very pretty way.  I believe any of these can be combined well with a shabby chic sensibility.

*Photocredit: Pier 1

Nail Polish Storage Solutions

For those of you with large nail polish collections, the solutions below may be right for you.  It’s a shame that I haven’t seen more companies making train cases for nail polishes available to the public like the black and silver damask pictured below by OPI.  I do like the acrylic stands by OPI a lot.  They look very professional to me and can hold quite a bit.  You do need ample desk space if you feel the need to display your collection.  Nail polish is also best stored upright; even if you choose to store it in tall Sterilite or wooden drawers.  I like to give them a good shake from time to time so they don’t settle for too long.  Always remember to re-cap after use or they will dry up quickly.  I’ve seen people add polish thinner to rejuvenate their nail polish.  Even my nail salon does that occasionally.  Any thoughts on this?  I haven’t tried it myself yet so I cannot attest to whether or not it’s a good method to use.   My favorite brands include OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Sinful, Milani, Revlon, Brucci, and L’Oreal.  I love all colors and finishes.  Brucci (Black Cherry) will always be very special to me since it’s the first brand of polish I ever owned.  Currently I’m wearing Minted by Revlon and have received so many compliments already.  It’s a pretty color- I’m not ready to let go of summer just yet.

Over the years I’ve given a bunch of my polishes to charitable causes.  It makes so many people happy (beauty therapy is always a good thing!) and I get to pare down my collection.  I don’t want to own too many bottles or have colors which are too similar to each other…  To each his own.   I’m also gearing up to swap on Makeup Alley for colors I’m interested in and would have eventually purchased.  These are two good ways to scale down and update one’s collection besides giving them away to family or friends.  My mother, sister, MIL, and SIL don’t wear nail polish as often as I do.   I also have a feeling they like much more subdued colors than I do e.g. ivories and pale pinks.

If you have any comments, storage ideas, or personal polish favorites, please feel free to post a comment.  I would love to hear from you =)!  BTW, I’ve included pics of fantasy storage (last three pics) for your viewing pleasure.

*Photocredit: Transdesign & eBay

Cosmetic/Vanity Storage Solutions

There are two new sources I’d like to share on this topic.  Yes, some more wonderful ideas I’ve collected from You Tube.  Storables and Sally Beauty.   I personally own the large acrylic organizer and love it (purchased it from The Container Store).  The acrylic is super thick and sturdy.  It will look great on any vanity table.  Though these two products may reflect very different sizes of makeup collections, I wanted to post them together anyway.  I almost forgot to mention another great idea for storing MAC palettes; try an acrylic DVD holder (measures 10 1/2″ x 4 7/8″ x 8 1/2″)- it’s not a bad solution and will match any other acrylic organizers you may have.  Hopefully your vanity area is more spacious than mine.

P.S. Another place to check: Muji: Storage

*Photocredit: Storables, Sally Beauty, & Amazon

More Makeup Storage Solutions for You

Recently I’ve been obsessing on this subject since I yet again had to do an update.  I settled for the typical white Sterilites, being that it was one of the best solutions for my current situation.  I transferred everything I had from my Target Castelas to those tiered plastic towers.  The Castelas are now housing smaller items e.g. layering camisoles, scarves, stockings, nailpolish etc.  I also thought of all of you who have been wrestling with how to organize all your things.  You really can get many great ideas off of You Tube, so as an avid YT viewer, I’ve collected a multitude of good and creative ideas (wood, plastic, acrylic, metal) I’ve seen from various gurus, cosmetic princesses and queens alike.

*Photocredit or Sources: Amazon, Staples, Organize.com, The Container Store, Target, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Teen, Lion Star, Walmart, Michaels Craft Store, Rubbermaid, IKEA, Marshalls, USP Home.com, Office Depot (Realspace), TheClearCube.com, BuyInterdesign.com, etc.