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Nail Polish Storage Solutions

For those of you with large nail polish collections, the solutions below may be right for you.  It’s a shame that I haven’t seen more companies making train cases for nail polishes available to the public like the black and silver damask pictured below by OPI.  I do like the acrylic stands by OPI a lot.  They look very professional to me and can hold quite a bit.  You do need ample desk space if you feel the need to display your collection.  Nail polish is also best stored upright; even if you choose to store it in tall Sterilite or wooden drawers.  I like to give them a good shake from time to time so they don’t settle for too long.  Always remember to re-cap after use or they will dry up quickly.  I’ve seen people add polish thinner to rejuvenate their nail polish.  Even my nail salon does that occasionally.  Any thoughts on this?  I haven’t tried it myself yet so I cannot attest to whether or not it’s a good method to use.   My favorite brands include OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Sinful, Milani, Revlon, Brucci, and L’Oreal.  I love all colors and finishes.  Brucci (Black Cherry) will always be very special to me since it’s the first brand of polish I ever owned.  Currently I’m wearing Minted by Revlon and have received so many compliments already.  It’s a pretty color- I’m not ready to let go of summer just yet.

Over the years I’ve given a bunch of my polishes to charitable causes.  It makes so many people happy (beauty therapy is always a good thing!) and I get to pare down my collection.  I don’t want to own too many bottles or have colors which are too similar to each other…  To each his own.   I’m also gearing up to swap on Makeup Alley for colors I’m interested in and would have eventually purchased.  These are two good ways to scale down and update one’s collection besides giving them away to family or friends.  My mother, sister, MIL, and SIL don’t wear nail polish as often as I do.   I also have a feeling they like much more subdued colors than I do e.g. ivories and pale pinks.

If you have any comments, storage ideas, or personal polish favorites, please feel free to post a comment.  I would love to hear from you =)!  BTW, I’ve included pics of fantasy storage (last three pics) for your viewing pleasure.

*Photocredit: Transdesign & eBay

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