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My First iPhone

I got my iPhone just this Saturday. It’s pretty amazing, fairly user friendly, and sophisticated. I don’t have that many complaints so far.

What I Love About It So Far

Easy to sync applications, music, photos, contacts, etc.
Cute icons
Scrolling feature makes everything easy (although false taps are easily made too)
Good amount of memory. I opted for 16.
The cool applications for 3G. Everything’s so accessible and literally at my fingertips.
Online web browsing has never been this good!

Power hungry
No real wallpaper; I miss this feature a little.
If you have as many icons as I do, finding a program may take a little time
The tiny keyboard (false taps are easily made, not sure how the guys are dealing with this?)
If you make a spelling error; it’s not that easy to fix. I also have a Power Support Anti-Glare protective film which may hurt touch pad sensitivity.
I can’t wait until they add even more applications e.g. games (though it’s pretty good now), I just think there should always be more

My Fave Applications
(Too embarrassed to admit how many hours I spent reading the reviews)
Racing games e.g. Crash Kart
Flying games e.g. Wings
Snowboarding game e.g. Snowboard Crazy
Meditation visuals & music
Astronomy e.g. Star Map & Distant Suns
Horoscopes e.g. Astrology & Chinese Zodiac
Travel e.g. Travel Tracker
Grocery IQ
Car Care e.g. Gas Cubby
Fashion e.g. Pocket Closet & Carrie’s Closet

*I also love my Incase Slider Case. My current one is Kermit green.

Will keep you posted. Afterall, it’s only been three days since the phone was bought.

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  1. Regarding # of icons, you can drag the icons around onto multiple ‘pages’, and change the order if you want. For example, you might move all games onto a separate page–or keep only things you use frequently on the first page, etc. To do this:

    a) tap and hold an icon until all icons start shimmying. You’re now in ‘icon rearrangement mode’.

    b) You can now drag icons to change their sequence or move them onto additional pages.

    c) Press main button below touch screen to save & return to normal operation mode.

    This will probably be good to know as more and more games and other apps become available.

  2. nycupcake says:

    Thanks, this will help a lot.

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