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Arsenal of the Domestic Goddess…

Honey Can Do.  This is another post regarding organization (a topic I’m very fond of)…  Had it not been for Beyond the Rack, I wouldn’t have known about this company.  I’ve purchased a few of their products and have liked every one so far.   The hanging chrome lingerie hanger folds flat for convenient storage and seems pretty sturdy.  The clothesline automatically retracts and is made of stainless steal.  These are just two of many items I would recommend…

*Photocredit: Honey Can Do

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  1. i want to know about the lingerie hanger more information how to use it, making it more stylish in home decorations.

  2. Hi Sibtainalis:

    I personally use my lingerie hanger to air-dry small articles of handwashed laundry. This hanger can be hung in a bathroom or in a basement temporarily. As for an item of “home decor,” I guess you can use it to hang postcards or pictures but the hanger really is more functional than pretty in my opinion.


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