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A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet?….

I have been on a long and arduous “Des Esseintes” hunt for rose scented products which actually smell like a real rose = /.  My obsession began with my yoga instructor’s rose essential oil which she occasionally dabs onto our hands as we are readying ourselves for shavasana (I love to place it on my wrists, temples, and over my heart chakra besides taking a big whiff of the fragrance).  She tells me it’s an import from India, from what seems to be a mysterious friend.

It would make me so happy to be able to start each day with a luscious rose fragrance or an invigorating aroma of lemon; both uplifting in their own ways.

I was first led to Song of India Natural perfume oil but was disappointed it was no where near the sweetness of the rose oil.

Next were two rose essential oils (Aura Cacia’s Rose Otto and Rose Absolute) purchased from Mrs. Greens Natural Market- getting closer but not quite right…  Maybe I just haven’t found the right combination of oils?  *Please note that certain essential oils and absolutes need to be used with a carrier oil to dilute its potency on skin.*

Following, I found Indigo Wild/Zumbar (also at Mrs. Greens Natural Market) and although I like their Sea Salt Room & Body Mist, Sandalwood-Citrus Room & Body Mist, and Almond Zum Rub very much, I wish they would offer rose scented products because I’m convinced they would do a great job inventing some.

I must try Pacifica’s Persian Rose and Mor Cosmetics’ Sugar Rose Tiger Lily soon!

Finally where I’m at currently…  close to being content with Panier des Sens Rejuvenating Rose and The Body Shop’s Moroccan Rose and Wild Rose scents.  If you love the scent of roses as much as I do, you should give these a chance.

*Photocredit: Panier des Sens & The Body Shop


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