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Melody Gardot & BC Footwear

I love listening to Melody’s “Worrisone Heart” and “Some Lessons.” She has a really beautiful voice. Her music is inspiring and deeply honest. I would love to see her perform; hopefully she will come back to New York soon. Melody reminds me of Reese Witherspoon (who I also admire a lot)- maybe you see the resemblance too? I bought “Some Lessons” from CD and would highly recommend them to anyone. They offer a really cool collection of music. Someday soon I will have a special post of my favorite music I often listen to while I’m e.g. writing poetry or crafting.

Melody’s also on Flickr. I loved her shantung Babycakes ballet slipper/shoes and found out they were from BC Footwear. I’m always on the look-out for quality flats. Right now I’m still enjoying my patent black Vina Born and black Carbonia Palladium. Of course sneakers are great but I like to go dressier sometimes.


Born Site
Palladium Site
BC Footwear

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