The Blazer Pub

My brother-in-law, Matt, visited us this week. We treated him to dinner at The Blazer Pub (a place we knew he would like). Blazer’s is described as having “true roadfood ambiance.” This pub was newly renovated due to an electrical fire (I believe a squirrel is to blame) which occurred November 23, 2007. They were closed for a few months. There were so many patrons impatiently and happily anticipating their re-open. Andrew and I are so glad they are back!

The Blazer Pub
RR 22
Purdys, NY 10578
(914) 277-4424

I ordered my usual cheeseburger. They also have great chili (I sometimes share with Andrew if I still have room for it). Last week I saw Matt Scannell’s (lead singer & guitarist for Vertical Horizon) video blog requesting for fave burger places. Of course I recommended Blazer Pub. I also recommended Arnold’s Drive In.

*September 5, 2008*
The pictures below were taken by Andrew and me. Andrew snapped the photo of the interior facing towards the front entrance while I took the rest. We used my Canon SD550. Andrew ordered their Celsus Burger and beer, while I ordered their Cheeseburger and a Shirley Temple. We shared the fries. I was really hungry. The food was superb. We just came back home a few hours ago from Blazer’s. It was a very late dinner so most people had their dinners already and left before we arrived. It is usually quite busy. I’m a little glad it was quiet since I felt more free to take pictures.

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