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I was just browsing the YSL sale at Ruelala *drool.* All I can say is wow!!! I was hoping to see the Easy Y/Crest in gold/bronze there but oh well… that would be too good to be true. But anyway, WOW ;). Almost all the bags sold out in a half-an-hour, which confirms that in general women are not recession shoppers =). The more exotic-looking leathers were TDF. I’m not a huge fan of the Muse 2 but I can understand its appeal. I love the Muse 1 more but I’m concerned that it may not be the most comfortable to carry since it’s bulky and I love shoulder bags over hand-helds- its shape reminds me of the LV Alma. I also wish I was more of a patent leather fan but I worry that the finish makes these bags even more prone to revealing scuffs. On the upside, the pebbled leather on the Easy Y is so beautiful. I love the Teal and Ombre colors of the Downtowns. I’m featuring shoes, sunglasses (love the semi-puffed heart detail), and almost all the bags below LOL. My top picks? Gee, it’s almost unfair to narrow it down so feast on these–>

*Photocredit: Ruelala

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