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I’ve never really considered cooking as a hobby so I will name it as an interest of mine. I’ve been cooking for seven years, thought of it solely as a necessity, and basically cooked recipes I had learned from my mom (no formal recipe books). A few months ago I began thinking of it as something more. The same goes for baking. My recent fave recipes have been French countryside, cast iron, and casseroles. I also enjoy making and decorating cupcakes with my Wilton set and creating rustic desserts e.g. apple galettes and fresh versus canned cherry clafoutis. It’s never a crime to substitute an ingredient if you think you have a better idea e.g. sometimes I will use cilantro instead of flat-leaf parsley, etc. I also prefer ingredients that are relatively easy to obtain from a local supermarket. I’ve done some light research regarding cookbooks and the best ones I’ve seen so far are featured below… I have also perused through the internet and accumulated some great recipes. If you have any other suggestions, please post a comment. I would love to hear from you.


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