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New Spin on Purse Hangers

A great potential gift to a sister or galpal is Luxe Link’s purse hangers. From what I see on their site, there’s quite a selection- something for everyone. I first saw Luxe Link featured in Cambria Cove’s catalog. I’m nuts over the Rock Star Swarovski style!

Updated: January 12, 2010:
I received a beautiful artglass purse hook for Christmas by LSArts Incorporated. Check their website for stockists around your area!

*Photocredit: Luxe Link


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  1. Gidget says:

    These are pretty expensive. Diva Hang-Ups has similar ones for $15 bucks at

  2. Hi Gidget:

    I just checked out the website. All the hangers are so pretty =)! Thanks so much for your suggestion!


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