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Why I Love B. Makowsky…

I’m a member of The Bag Forum and from time to time I’ve seen a thread or two raving about B. Makowsky’s handbags. I don’t know why I didn’t give this brand a second thought. I found a You Tuber’s video on her “8 Most Worn Things.” Towards the end of the video, she mentions her love of her new BM brown leather silver studded satchel (Studded Soft – Large’ Pleated Hobo). This re-inspired me to examine this brand… Introducing the Melbourne Shopper (my “go to” and soulmate bag). I never would have thought I could say this about any bag. You know how sometimes you can spontaneously identify a special product; one that you could picture still loving years down the line… Well, this is the real deal =). It couldn’t have been more perfect a design for me; kinda like someone custom made this bag for me! How cool is that? Why I love the Melbourne… uhm, is it because it’s a composite of all my top-rated bags and because I can’t find any fault with it?..

dark, soft, exotic embossed leather
significant hardware yet the bag alone doesn’t weigh a ton
generous pockets/compartments
outer compartment for a cell phone (easy access for me)
strong magnetic closures
timeless, classic style with lovely detailing
good price for its quality
it is a true shoulder bag which can be worn with a coat on (perfect shoulder drop)
soft smooth leopard print lining
looks really good with any outfit
it may not be a summer-ish bag because it’s black, but I really don’t care (available in other pretty colors)

I hope I won’t wear this bag out too quickly =). It’s the best-of-its-kind.

*Photocredit: Endless

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