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Lush Review: Candy Sweet Yellow Bath Cocktail

A bath cocktail is simply as you would have guessed, when multiple products are used to enhance a lux bath or to create a desired bath theme e.g. candy-scented, floral, honey-scented. You get the idea… Recently I used the following products in mine:

1/8 of Happy Easter-The Yellow One (shell): Fast fizzing action, sweet candy scent, turned the water a bright yellow.

1/2 of Ma Bar Bubble Bar: Broke up very easily under the spigot of running water, sweet honey-chocolate-toffee scented

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap during the bath:
I’m not fortunate enough to own a Kohler tub with built-in jets so I made sure the water was running when I popped the products in. The bubbles started to dissipate after a while so I waved my hands through the water and the bubbles re-formed. If you do have tub jets, you can turn them on again to refresh the bubbles. I have a feeling that I should have used more product since the bubbles were not as full as I would have liked. I have a small tub and I thought I could make do with less bubble bar.

As an after-thought, I wish I had also used a sweet-scented bath melt with the bath too. If I had, I would have only needed a small chunk of it. Probably like a 1/4 or smaller of a melt.


Therapy Massage Bar (on my legs): Leaves my skin moisturized for the ENTIRE DAY, initially my skin felt a bit oily after applying, lavender, sweet orange and neroli oils scented (scent is kinda strong and potentially headache-inducing). Not sure if I will re-purchase it since I’m not too crazy about the scent, though an hour or two later the scent is a bit sweet and nutty. Don’t let my review stop you from purchasing this bar if you still want to give it a try… To each, his own opinion. I will continue using this bar until it’s all gone because I don’t believe in wasting anything.

Mange Too Massage Bar (upper extremities): Leaves my skin moisturized for the ENTIRE DAY, also initially my skin felt a bit oily after applying, white chocolate, honey and peppermint, very strong scent that I initially didn’t like. Similar to the Therapy Massage Bar, I liked the scent after it dried a little. I may re-purchase but I’m not sure yet since I’ve only used this bar a couple of times and there are other Lush massage bars I like much more.

*Photocredit: Lush Cosmetics

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