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Pure Fiji Is Pure Bliss

It’s a shame that I had never heard of Pure Fiji before Spavia.  I got to experience their oils, lotions, scrubs, etc. during my spa treatments and fell in love right away.   It’s moisturizing without being greasy, smells divine (guava scent= my personal favorite), doesn’t burn on dry cracked skin (which is how my skin tends to be during the cold season), the scent stays true long after application, and I don’t find myself needing to reapply as often.  Truth be told that I have gotten into the good habit of carrying lotion wherever I go and you can probably find one in almost every pocket I have along with some moisturizing lip balm.   Another post to follow on my top 3 chapsticks/lip balms and lip scrubs.  On second thought, I’ll make it a post about how I care for my skin during the winter season- what’s been the most effective for me of all the products I have tried.  Getting back to Pure Fiji, I recommend purchasing their mini sized sets before committing to any full-size products so you can try out the different scents and products and get to know which ones you prefer.  *Please be aware that their products are not recommended for those who have nut allergies.  I would speak to Pure Fiji’s Customer Service should you have any questions. 

*So far I’ve found Pure Fiji products at: Spavia,, and Amazon.

*Fun Tip regarding their Exotic Bath & Body Oils: For a luxurious at home dry scalp treatment massage some oil onto your scalp and neck, wait 15 minutes, than shower off.  I find it a great combination of both restoring and relaxing.

*Photo Credits: Pure Fiji

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