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Lush Review: Jungle & Other Bath Time Goodies

I’ve been using Jungle Solid Hair Conditioner for a couple of months now and really LOVE it!  It has a slightly sweet herbal scent and leaves my hair soft and nicely fragrant.   Jungle is definitely a product I would re-purchase without a doubt.  I haven’t experienced any negative effects on my dry scalp while using it so I’m very relieved. I was just taking a quick glance at their shampoos and conditioners targeting the treatment of dry scalp and other issues but none stood out to me so I will stick to Jungle.

Flying Fox Shower Gel: It passed my initial scent test =)…  The sweet jasmine scent of this bath gel smells the same from the bottle as it does during one’s shower.  I purchased a small bottle of it from Danbury’s Lush store since it’s a beloved favorite of many Lushies and thought it was worth a try.

Coolaulin Hair Conditioner: When I gave this a quick sniff at the store, I knew I wanted to purchase a small bottle of it.  Although it had a sweet mild scent =), at the time, I didn’t know how my scalp would respond to it (therefore the small bottle).  I didn’t realize until during my shower, that it smelled almost identical to Trichomania.  Not a surprise that I’ll say next, that I really love it and will re-purchase it in the future.

Yummy Yummy Yummy Shower Gel: Smells of strawberries/fruity scent.  I like this one.  I’m a bit more partial to solid soaps but I would give this a re-purchase thumbs up.  I think it’s great with a follow-up of Strawberry Feels Massage Bar!

American Cream Hair Conditioner: I had high expectations of this product just because of so many guru rave reviews but I think it’s just okay.  I definitely like Coolaulin a lot more.  It’s not as consistently sweetly scented as I would like.  Give it a try anyway.  It’s a good product that made my hair feel as soft as any other Lush product Ive tried so far.

*All Photocredit: Lush Cosmetics

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