Kitchen Toiletries

Keep in Mind Lovely Soaps & Such for Your Kitchen…

My recent trip to the NY Botanical Garden’s bookstore led me to a luscious table laden with prettily packaged kitchen and garden soaps by Horto Botanico with the most delicious scents.  As much as one’s pantry needs to be well-stocked with food and drink, so too are soaps and the like as important.  The kitchen is very much a second home to me in that I can be found here most evenings so I’m beginning to think of this room a bit differently and wanting to put in nice little touches (no different than a bedroom or an office).  The kitchen is a room most lived-in, well-loved, and may I dare say the heart of many homes so the choices we make in decor and detail should reflect this.

*Photocredit: NY Botanical Garden Store

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