Pre-My Little Pony: My Pretty Pony (Brown & Pink Versions)

Before there was My Little Pony, there was My Pretty Pony 10″ (introduced in 1981)…..

Image: Traditional farm horse, reminding me of a Haflinger Gelding


  • Brown Version: Earth-tone body colors; brown with a white blaze on her face and white markings on her legs.
  • Pink Version: Fawn with white blaze on her face.


  • Brown Version: Light tan (deep golden blonde)
  • Pink Version: Pink


  • Brown Version: Hazel
  • Pink Version: Blue


  • Brown Version: None; however, an alternate version has a large round marking on both hips.
  • Pink Version: Group of pink hearts.

Production: This version was the only one to be produced by the Hasbro subsidiary, Romper Room.

Features: Under her chin is a trigger, and when pulled it, My Pretty Pony twitches her ears, winks her left eye, and swishes her tail.


  • Brown Version: Western-style hat (white with red & white gingham band; “ROMPER ROOM” logo printed on band), red blanket, blue grooming brush & comb, and ribbons (blue, purple, red).
  • Pink Version: Lavender blanket, western hat (which could either be tied with the purple ribbon that was included or with a knotted piece of string (not included), three hair ribbons (white yellow, aqua), and purple grooming brush & comb.

*Re-released version of My Pretty Pony included a baby pony (Butterscotch).  The set was called My Pretty Pony & Beautiful Baby.


*Photocredit: & My Little Pony Arena

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