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My Little Pony: 2nd. Generation (1983 to 1984), Unicorns & Pegasi


  • Sunbeam
  • Twilight
  • Glory
  • Moondancer


  • body: pale blue
  • hair: white hair with yellow streak
  • eyes: blue
  • symbol: gold sun

*Photocredit: Flickr bmaebell


  • body: pink
  • hair: white hair with dark purple streak
  • eyes: purple eyes
  • symbol: group of purple stars

*Photocredit: Flickr Alyzaria


  • body: white
  • hair: dark purple hair with blue streak
  • eyes: blue
  • symbol: a silver & purple shooting star
  • *It is rumored that there is a yellow version of Glory, based on the existence of the yellow-bodied Moondancer

*Photocredit: Flickr lauramsanger


  • body: white
  • hair: dark red hair w/lavender streak
  • eyes: deep purple
  • symbol: a silver crescent moon surrounded by red stars
  • *There was also a yellow-bodied Moondancer who was sold in other countries

*Photocredit: Flickr Alyzaria


  • Medley
  • Firefly


  • body: green
  • hair: green
  • eyes: blue
  • symbol: group of green musical notes

*Photocredit: Flickr Corgipants


  • body: pink
  • hair: blue
  • eyes: vilet, bluish-purple
  • symbol: two blue lightning bolts
  • *She went on to be the star of the first My Little Pony TV special, which was finally re-released on video in Year 9. Firefly is probably the most famous pony of all.

*Photocredit: Flickr lauramsanger


*Photocredit: Flickr

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