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Lush Review: Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

I visited a Lush boutique in Manhattan recently (the one near East 14th. Street/Union Square Park) and remembered that I really wanted to try one of their candy sweet shower jellies (particularly because I’ve always feared it melting while being shipped and so I’ve never ordered them online).  I also heard through the grape vine that all shower jellies will be discontinued by Lush =(.  You should try them or buy a backup while you still can.  I really love Sweetie Pie with its grape jelly bean scent.  It is very slithery to work with and fell twice onto my tub.  When wet, the scent changes to a strong, less candied scent which is a bit hard to describe.  As it dries, the grape jelly bean scent returns.  SP has great lather, though I never would have imagined it until I tried it for myself.  From what I can tell, one SP jelly can last for quite a number of showers.

  • Cherry infusion
  • Coconut infusion
  • Carrageenan extract
  • Bergamot oil
  • Cassis absolute
  • Cypress il
  • Iridescent glitter

*Photocredit: Lush Cosmetics

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